February 1, 2013 - Third Year BSE Mathematics students Mark Paul J. De Guzman and Angela M. Canaria, the president of Mathematics Society, represents the BSE Mathematics for the annual pageant of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education.

The talent show was done one day before the pageant. Angela performed the song  Titanium by Zia ft. David Guetta together with her back up dancers, Jocelyn Secretaria, Jovelyn Dagooc, Kenneth Dela Peña, and Mark Anthony M. Nama. Mark Paul performed an interpretative dance to the song Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars with a student from Grade 11.

Angela Canaria and Mark Paul De Guzman get 1,236  and 866 likes respectively on Facebook that makes them the People's Choice Awardee. Mark Paul De Guzman also won the Best in Talent and the 4th Runner-up in the Male category.

From your Mathematics Society Family, Congratulations to the both of you!

Dan Marvic Rubica
06/16/2013 6:34pm

nice dude and paul... :D


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