February 1, 2013 - Third Year BSE Mathematics students Mark Paul J. De Guzman and Angela M. Canaria, the president of Mathematics Society, represents the BSE Mathematics for the annual pageant of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education.

The talent show was done one day before the pageant. Angela performed the song  Titanium by Zia ft. David Guetta together with her back up dancers, Jocelyn Secretaria, Jovelyn Dagooc, Kenneth Dela Peña, and Mark Anthony M. Nama. Mark Paul performed an interpretative dance to the song Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars with a student from Grade 11.

Angela Canaria and Mark Paul De Guzman get 1,236  and 866 likes respectively on Facebook that makes them the People's Choice Awardee. Mark Paul De Guzman also won the Best in Talent and the 4th Runner-up in the Male category.

From your Mathematics Society Family, Congratulations to the both of you!

Mary Grace Salon - NEWS FLASH: A low pressure area developed to a typhoon named “Igme”. The LPA entered the Philippines area of responsibility early this August. 

The typhoon enormously attacked the Philippines for more or less 2 weeks. It damaged different provinces and cities within the metro. As its aftermath, billions of properties and almost hundreds of lives were taken away in a glimpse and were reported on the televisions, radios, and social networking sites. Due to this unexpected natural devastation, many of our fellow citizens asked for benevolent acts to rise again. Many government and non-government organizations heard every Juan Dela Cruz’s calling and had lend their hands to those who are in need.

As the saying goes: “It is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE”. Students of University of Makati from the Mathematics Society (Annaliza Aguedan, Jovelyn Dagooc, Kenneth Dela Peña, Rolando Garcia, Marivic Marquinez, Marygrace Salon, Jocelyn Secretaria, Elsha Tamayo and Daphne Gail Pante) came up with a decision to served the calamity victims. We visited Red Cross – Rizal Chapter and assisted in whatever help they commanded. Staffs from RC-Rizal let us undergo their various stages of serving. We experienced carrying donations such as sacks of rice, boxes of canned goods and clothing from the vehicle to the relief operation building. We sorted out the donations into women, men and children’s stuffs. Soon after classifying the donations, we repacked them and put them in the container van that would be used for deployment. It was 12 am when we were deployed to Tipas Elementary School. We were very tired and sleepy that time but still enjoyed seeing the smiles of those people we helped out. Though we didn’t aid those people with money from our pockets, at least we did our best in extending our hands in times of need. It is indeed a great pleasure to grow not only from what you receive but more from what you are able to give to others.

Cyrene Canuel -Members of the Mathematics Society volunteered in the Culminating activity of HSU. Math tricks and magic were used to encourage the HSU students to join the club.  Many Grade 11 students became interested and joined the organization. This has made the membership reach more than 700. MathSoc was assisted by Dr. Milagros Lourdes M. Torres, the Executive Director of HSU, in making this activity possible and successful.